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LEGO Power Functions

LEGO Power Functions

LEGO Power Functions is an electrical construction system from LEGO. It consists of battery holders for supplying power, different types of engines to make things move, to give light, remote control and even connection to a computer. Everything fits together in one system so you can build and operate your own inventions. The Power Functions system has 4 wires instead of the 2 wires of the 9V system. This offers you a range of options, which were not available with the 9V system. Remote control functions, sensors and intelligent control can now be used in the Power Functions system. 

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LEGO 21318 The Tree House

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As a first-time buyer, I was excited about how it would go, but it has been a really good experience. Fast delivery and great selection. I will definitely shop at BrickShop again.
From: Morten Yde Søndergaard

Extremely fast order! Within 26 hours I had my package ! It was the day before Christmas and the world is struggling with corona, so everything went extremely smooth!!!!!
From: Mia Andreasson

Perfect service it's easy to order and you receive step by step all the informations about the shipping. Fast and on time delivery.
From: Susi Rugolotto

Great service. As the box had a Lego logo on it, my children knew what it was and opened it before I could get to it. It would be great not to have any logo the next time. Thanks
From: Angela Burke

Super fast delivery. I ordered on Friday and it was in germany at monday. I was very glad!
From: Mareen Liefeld

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